Integral Yoga (Yoga and Lifestyle)


Quite disturbingly, the recent anthrax cases have caused a spurt in cases of depression, insomnia, and drug sales related to psychosomatic problems more than anything else.

How long are we going to keep popping pills to get “temporary” relief? Isn’t it high time we make ourselves capable to handle such situations on our OWN?

Integral Yoga equips you with the right tools to handle life’s uncertainties in a remarkably calm manner. It’s nothing mystical – just a practical guide to an improved way of living.

Before highlighting these tools, I may suggest that an attitude of “que cera cera” could be helpful in such times. Without getting into a debate of the correctness of these powerful words, one thing is sure – If truly believed, these words can give a solace that is impossible to imagine.

Oops… no preaching.

So why is Integral Yoga so relevant?

For one, it is the ONLY science that defines the mind-body connection most effectively. Why? It has 4 major tools that are well meshed into one another :
    1. Postures (asanas) for physical exercise
    2. Meditation for mind exercise
    3. Breathing (Pranayama) for channeling energy correctly.
    4. Relaxation including deep relaxation, which really is a “cure-all”.

These are extremely POWERFUL tools. But doing any one without a proper balance of the others can NEVER help you realize their true potential.

The yogic relaxation technique of Yoga Nidra is so effective that it is REGULARLY used as therapeutic tools to treat the most painful and incurable of illnesses.

You may have read my earlier newsletters giving you an insight into some of the very potent breathing techniques. Let me tell you, what you experienced was not even a fraction of what these tools can do for you TOGETHER.

This is Integral Yoga.

Yoga postures maintain the right circulation in your body parts and help in channeling energy where it is required the most.

Meditation is proven to DRAMATICALLY reduce stress, depression and even greatly reduce the likelihood of heart attacks.

Unfortunately, Yoga has been much abused today. Incomplete knowledge has resulted in emphasizing isolated aspects of yoga such as just the physical feature or just the meditation aspect.

No sir, only a composite approach, using ALL the tools will enable you to harness the true power of yoga.

The best part is that you are never restricted by age, disease or physical capability. In fact, you can use definite yoga routines for specific conditions.

So how do you go about learning Integral Yoga?

The best option would be to locate an Integral Yoga class near you. But make sure, that your trainer is a certified practitioner with several years of experience behind him or her. This is necessary because there are simply too many quacks floating around.

Another option could be to train from a well-developed “Beginner’s Course” which focuses on EACH of the 4 aspects that I have highlighted. Again, please don’t be trapped into learning from a manual that focuses JUST on individual aspects such as physical exercises, because that’s just not it!!

A powerful course that you could explore can be found by clicking here


So, let’s not get bogged down in these testing times. Let us use the present situation as an opportunity to discover a new way of life…

I wish you the very best.

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